Dan entered the Talent Acquisition and Talent Development market in 2006 and founded Ryan Search & Consulting in 2010.  Dan’s background in the Industrial and professional services world, serving in roles ranging from Operations Manager to Vice President of Human Resources, provided him with a platform to understand what clients experience in their corporate lives.

Dan still takes a hands-on approach and is involved in many of the projects that this firm engages in and he actively participates in a wide range of groups involving both client industries and organizations working to make our region a better place to live.

Ryan Search & Consulting has grown from being primarily a Talent Acquisition firm into one that provides a broad range of services in Talent Development and Organizational Succession.  These additional service offerings enable the firm to provide a more comprehensive approach to the needs of each client.

Meet the Team

Our Values

Every firm talks about their Values, but we try to live ours in all that we do. Here are the core values we embrace as the foundation for our firm.


It is hard to be honest and level with others if there is not an environment of honesty. This requires challenging and direct conversations.


We care for both our clients and our candidates in the work we do. This requires us to first establish the level of honesty and trust we mentioned above.


Information and data can be purchased readily, but character is impossible to buy. We strive to operate in a manner where our integrity and character are of the highest level. Our clients are our partners and we are useless to them unless we can be viewed as being of the highest integrity in our services.


No relationship works well without trust. We work to establish a level of trust with our clients before we engage in our work. 


Talking about our values is fine, but we strive to live ours out in our daily lives. This often involves engaging in our community in our work and also in activities that benefit others who might never benefit directly from our services. We are here to serve others first.


All of our team members share a common set of core beliefs.  This set of fundamental agreements will allow us to work with all in a consistent manner and also allow us to witness our faith openly when called upon, or to live our faith in the work that we do in serving others.