Things I am thankful for

This post was first written a few years ago.  It still holds true to this day.

It is not often that I take the time to reflect on where I am and what has influenced me during the recent past.  Now is one of those times and I hope you will allow me to reflect publicly about the wonderful year that is about to wrap up and my anticipation for the coming year.

While I smile and reflect I am also very aware of my many friends and acquaintances who are unemployed or under-employed due to a wide range of circumstances.  I am thankful to have had the time to work with many of them over the past year and I hope my input has made some impact in their lives.  I feel like the man on the beach who sees the many starfishes; while I cannot help them all, I hope I have made a difference for a few.

Enough preamble; here are just a few things I am thankful for on the day before Christmas Day:

1.  I am thankful that all of my family  members on my wife’s side will be here with us for Christmas.  We are all happy and fairly healthy (I could lose 15 pounds and be even happier LOL), but all is well.

2.  I am very thankful that my wife found the job of her dreams last summer and that she has jumped in and made such a solid contribution in the lives of many.  She is well suited for what she now does as the coordinator of the local community college tutoring and testing center.

3.  I am ecstatic that my oldest son graduated from college last May in 4 years (hurrah) and that he has been gainfully employed for much of the time since then.  First jobs are always a mixed blessing and regardless of that outcome he is learning a lot.

4.  I am jubilant that my youngest son is only 3 semesters from graduation and that he has secured a wonderful internship this coming summer.  He wishes for a 5th fall in college to watch more college football, but I am vetoing that wish. Smile

5.  I am happy to have started my own firm and even happier that in doing so I have been able to move from one organization to another without damaging any relationships that have existed.  Even further, I am blessed to have begun carrying over client relationships that I hope will be long-lasting in my new enterprise.

6.  Finally, but not of least important, I am daily blessed to live in a country where we can agree and disagree openly and still get along (usually) and where we have the freedom to worship, each in our own way.  While I am a devout Christian, I also respect the rights of others to worship in their own way.  My reading this year has really opened my eyes to the many parts of the world where open worship is not allowed.  May that never occur on our soil.

So now I will pause and end this little reflective moment.  If you have taken the time to read this I hope it has given you a moment to pause and reflect on your many blessings.

May each of you have a Joyous Holiday Season, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, or Kwanzaa.

May Peace be with you!