You say it best when you say nothing at all: How your appearance and posture speak volumes!

This lyric stuck in mind recently after speaking to a group and it has evolved in my mind to such an extent that I feel motivated to write about this today.  My thanks to Alison Krauss for making the lyric such a memorable one.

Non verbal communication is a huge issue in all that we do and how you present yourself; your attire, your posture and your facial expressions, send a message without saying a thing.  I’ll spend some time today giving you a few “do’s” and “don’ts” with respect to each of these.


What you wear and how you wear it speaks volumes when others see you.  You don’t have to dress at Brooks Brothers or Talbot’s to make the right impression, but wearing the wrong thing or wearing inappropriate clothes can be a deal closer when you are seeking work or a career advancement.

Here are a few “fashion don’ts” to consider:  (unless you want to work in a club or do landscaping)

tight skirt   jorts

This might be a better choice for a job interview:

woman_suit   man in blazer



How you stand, sit and address others says a lot about who you are and your interest in others.  The photos below tell the story:

SlouchingWoman   standing straight

Sitting correctly also sends a message:

slouch chair   sit-straight3

Facial Expressions

What you wear as a facial expression also sends a loud and clear message, at least to those who see you.  Take the time to ask others how your facial expressions come across to avoid unintentional messages you might be sending:

smiling mandela   frowning murdoch

Having the right message on your face can accentuate or detract from the spoken  message you may be trying to convey.

What you wear, how you stand and your facial expression can send a message to others.  It is up to you to determine just what message that will be.

This takes practice and also requires feedback from others.

It is worth the effort, trust me.