Things I am thankful for

Thanksgiving Day is only two days away.  When I was younger my appreciation for Thanksgiving was not so great, but as I have grown older my interest and favor for this day only continues to grow.  Let me share with you just a few things that I am thankful for on this upcoming holiday in 2016.


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  • I am thankful to have a wonderful wife, two sons who have great wives and outstanding in-laws.  I start here because this group knows me best and they are those I will be spending the holiday with.  I have been fortunate to have gained not only a great wife when we married over 34 years ago, but also a wonderful set of in-laws.  They have been great mentors and friends for many years and I have the ability to talk to them on many levels.  They also have been instrumental in giving me feedback to make me a better person.
  • I am thankful to live in a country where I can worship freely.  A corollary to this is the fact that our country still affords others the right to worship the way they wish as well.  I see other parts of the world where people are persecuted for worshiping their God, regardless of their denomination, and my hope is that our country never loses sight of the foundational principles we were founded on that allowed those who were persecuted to worship in their own way when they came to the United States of America.  I realize this is difficult for some to accept, but this openness is what makes our country great.
  • I am thankful to have the opportunity to work with such a great team in our firm.  We are blessed to have so many different temperaments, talents and convictions in Ryan Search & Consulting and I benefit daily from my association with Michele, Kaylyn, Graham, Madeline and Ken.  I hope they feel the same way.
  • We are blessed to have great clients.  This is not just because of the economics of what our business brings, but also in how we get to know so many interesting and wise people through our work.  We have tremendous responsibilities when we work with others in our search, consulting or succession work and we need to be prudent in how we approach our work and in what we say and do.
  • Lastly, but not the least, I am thankful to have the opportunity to teach at Peabody College of Vanderbilt University.    Even though I really don't like to grade papers, the interaction I have with my students helps to keep me centered and aware of the wide range of interests and the extreme intelligence they have.  I hope that my work there has made at least some small impact on their lives in a positive manner.
  • On a lighter note, I am extremely happy that the Cubs finally won the World Series!  Having grown up between Chicago and St. Louis, I fully understand the difference between success and failure and the Cubs taught me great humility during the earlier parts of my life.  We are humble still, but humble winners!

What are you thankful for on this week of thanks?

Let me know what has made a difference for you.