Talent Succession

It is not enough to have the right talent.  Every firm needs a strategy and plans to make sure they have the right leader in the right place at the right time.  Our experience with organizations in all stages of the life cycle provides a framework that we draw upon to advise and counsel our clients in developing and implementing options for not only their current, but also for their future needs.

We have worked with many organizations to assist them in reviewing and developing their organizational structure.  We have also helped them review and assess their current talent inventory.  These steps enable any firm to know where they are going and what talent they have on hand, and also need, to make their journey a successful one.

One of our most recent Succession engagements helped a privately held firm gain a greater understanding in the following areas:

  • What strengths and challenges the senior leadership team possessed
  • How the new President needed a complimentary leader to help fill in for areas where they were not as strong
  • Identified unseen issues that were below the surface; this enabled the firm to keep a key contributor who was in danger of leaving the firm

Whether it be the individual, the team or the process, Ryan Search & Consulting has the skill, knowledge, integrity and experience to help your organization be more effective.

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