Talent Acquisition

Ryan Search & Consulting uses a Retained Search process for our clients. It has been our experience that this model allows for a greater understanding of the client’s needs and it also provides the client with a commitment that we will stick with the search process until the client is completely satisfied with the result. Our Retained Search process includes the following: 


We guarantee that our client will have qualified finalists to review within 4 weeks from the start of the search.


Any candidate hired by a client will be guaranteed for one full year. This means that the client has a full 12 month period to ensure that they have brought the right person on board.


We see our clients as a partner and we strive to provide clear feedback and direction regarding the projects we work on and how they fit in the present organization and the marketplace.  We also stay in touch with information and insights from our work in the marketplace.

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Our Process

Our Talent Acquisition process is one that we have refined and improved over the past 7 years and involves a number of key steps:

Understanding the Client

Prior to the launch of our search process, we spend significant time with each client in order to gain a greater understanding of the needs of the role, the culture of the firm, and the long-term potential of the role.  By gaining these insights, we have a great understanding of not only the role to be filled, but we can also speak clearly and confidently with potential candidates about the environment they would be working in.


We utilize a number of methods to identify and communicate with potential candidates in each search engagement.  We see our research as being "high tech" and "high touch" as we use effective internet based tools to seek out candidates, and we also utilized our network and the ability to gain referrals from those we speak with.  Gaining the confidence of a contact that leads to a referral is a key differentiator we focus on during each search.

Finalist Identification

We utilize a multi-step interview process in order to learn about each finalist we present.  In addition, we also use the Predictive Index as a way to provide our clients with a more comprehensive view of each finalist they consider.  The PI is a well-recognized and respected tool to help describe our clients gain the best insight into each candidate and how they would fit their organization. 

Interview Process

While we are identifying finalists in each search, we also work with our client to gain a clear understanding of what their internal vetting process will be.  This allows us to know who will be involved, what the timing of the interview process will be and it also enables us to plug finalists into the schedule immediately when we review them with the client.

Our Guarantee

Each finalist hired through our work comes with a one year guarantee.  This guarantee provides a level of comfort for the client in the rare instance where a new hire does not work out.  We stake our reputation on each search and each finalist we provide to our client.