Talent Development

Ryan Search & Consulting provides a wide variety of services that enable our firm to partner with clients in areas that assess and develop talent for your current and future needs. Examples of our work include:

  • Preference and Talent Assessment
  • Career Coaching with High Potentials
  • Team Dynamics and Improvement
  • Bench Strength Development
  • Strengthening of Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Listed below are examples of Talent Development engagements our firm has completed:

  • Worked with a multi-national banking firm, based in the Middle East, where we delivered a competency based learning leadership program
  • Aided an American firm with their staff in Europe as part of a competency based leadership program
  • Worked in multiple locations with an industrial firm in the United States where we delivered a competency based leadership program to build bench strength
  • Facilitated numerous strategic planning engagements with individual clients and associations to help them gain a clear understanding of their future direction

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Personal Improvement

Personal improvement strategies we provide to clients include assessment, coaching and training to help individuals understand their current situation and determine what needs to be done in order to reach a future goal.  We employ a number of tools to aid our clients in these pursuits including 360 assessments, personality assessments, emotional intelligence instruments, StrengthsFinder as well as other methods.

Team/Organizational Improvement

Helping individuals improve is an important part of what we offer our clients, but also assists our clients in understanding how each team member fits into the plan of the team or organization. We focus on the individual first to help maximize the effectiveness of each person, but also the team they belong to.  Tools used in team improvement include experiential and assessment based team building, planning and strategy facilitation and team coaching with leader feedback.  Each of these tools provides an additional facet of information to increase team and organizational effectiveness.